iHeart Radio Detroit Director of Marketing and Promotions Aaron Klauber gives his firsthand accounts on why radio still rocks, rolls, bumps, and jives. 

By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

Media enthusiasts and nay-sayers jumped the gun and proclaimed radio dead, and though supposedly “Video Killed the Radio Star,” the recent development in the drain of analog has been the Internet according to the general public. With the popularity of Spotify and Pandora radio platforms that are streamable right to our smartphones, more and more people are turning down the FM.  Does this scare the radio industry? Not in the slightest.

Radio is still in high demand. Between the general public listening in their cars, or even partaking in apps such as iHeart Radio, the industry itself is booked multiple times a day for events, people are buying audio ads and mixed media ads on the iHeart Radio App, and products and companies need endorsements. You wouldn’t see this on the surface of your stereo; you need to take a step into the radio world.

Aaron Klauber, the Director of Marketing and Promotions at iHeart Media Detroit (recently rebranded from Clear Channel Media and Entertainment) gives his firsthand accounts on why radio still rocks, rolls, bumps, and jives. “It’s not all fun and games, there’s business going on here mixed with fun.” said Klauber.

Each section of the office at iHeart Media Detroit has a specific process that tie in to create the entire package, and each section is exceedingly important. “When we have students here, they spend a full semester in an unpaid internship, and they get to experience every job that radio has to offer.” said Klauber.

Touring the office, you come across some of the biggest names in radio like 100.3 WNIC’s Jay Towers (and his Superman themed office), to the triple mic set up and production studio for 95.5’s Mojo in the Morning. The building plays host to the most popular stations that have been around in Detroit for decades including 98 WJLB to stations in their infancy like 106.7 The D. The station also has one AM station frequency that is home to 1130 WDFN The Fan, which is the sports talk team.

Some teams pull the business end such as organizing which commercials air and when, and in what order while the Promotions team goes out in the field for events such as concerts, business rallies, and charity events. There’s even an IT department devoted to making sure that everything rolls smoothly in the office electronically, and of course, the on-air talent. “There’s a role for everyone in radio.” said Klauber. “During an internship, sometimes they see a section and realize that’s what they like and what they are good at, and once the internship is over, they’ve already had experience and have the upper hand when applying here versus someone from the outside applying. We already have seen their work ethic.”

Internships are beneficial in almost all fields that offer them, but radio has special benefits as to getting that firsthand knowledge you wouldn’t necessarily get in a classroom. These types of opportunities are beneficial to students, especially with the need of across the board training for future journalists in print or broadcast. With the way the internet has taken hold, jocks now have to be able to run and produce for their shows, along with having journalistic knowledge. The DJs at iHeart Media Detroit all have their own blogs to which they contribute content, on top of their social media presence. The knowledge of writing, marketing, and digital background is all beneficial to this type of career.

Julia Qashat, an iHeart Media Promo Team Member handing out Maleficent Crowns at Detroit's Movement Festival this Summer in Hart Plaza. Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Julia Qashat, an iHeart Media Promo Team Member handing out Maleficent Crowns at Detroit’s Movement Festival this Summer in Hart Plaza. Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

The allure of this career comes down to the final point that radio is an exciting job. You have an enriching experience of being part of someone’s day-to-day life, Promotions teams get to hang out with people from all walks of life at different locations, DJs get to go out to the club and MC live events, and team members have access to many amazing opportunities you wouldn’t get at a normal 9 to 5 desk job. When asked what’s cool about radio, Cody Trombley, iHeart Media Detroit’s Promotions Director for Channel 95.5 and WNIC had one simple answer: “How many people can say ‘Big Sean showed up at my work today?’” That’s the radio difference.

To find out more information for opportunities at iHeart Media Detroit, contact Aaron Klauber at AaronKlauber@iHeartMedia.com.

Portions of this article were published in The Eastern Echo under iHeartRadio offers EMU students a unique internship opportunity on November 2, 2014 by Amy Cooper, Staff Writer.


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