REALITY RUPTURED: Inside the Mind of Diego Cruz

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By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

“Anyone who watches a film is looking for some sort of escape,” said Diego Cruz, Director and Owner of Rupture Reality.  As we drive down Gratiot Avenue and hop onto 75, we begin to dive deeper on the subject of the art form of being a Director, and how Cruz likes to have his hands in all parts of the design. “I love telling a story. If I can watch a film for a few hours and it speaks to me, and makes me forget about life for a few hours, that is a good film. It’s a reality escape… which is where Rupture Reality comes from.”

He began watching movies as a kid, as most of us do, but wanted to know more about how things were made. Though he has only been in the game for two years, Cruz has an eye for painting a picture in the form of video. “I like to show people how I feel, versus telling them. So I create videos. Here, this is how I feel. To show them what I see in my shoes.” 

Cruz’s video reel is full of different things, but music videos have been his constant forte. Detroit is known for many musical artists and he wants to continue with featuring them. Some of the bigger videos he’s worked on include artists like Ty Farris, Nametag, and Fausto. “I want to show the world that Detroit is musically inclined. I believe there are a lot of underrated artists here.”

He creates videos with the artists that seek him out by collaborating ideas, or creating a concept from scratch depending on what the artist looks for. “At the end of the day, it’s their video.  I want to show a story with it.” Not only does Cruz direct the video, but he also works with the lighting, casting, and even sometimes the production, along with editing. 

Though Cruz works on many music videos, he is working on the sequel to his first short film. “I think people may think I take things too seriously, “ though there’s no such thing. This is his passion, and with that passion comes having a concrete idea of what he wants to design. “I want to capture the emotion of the artist and the viewers when I tell a story. I am still building a style or trademark.” 

Photo by Acronym Creative Studio

Photo by Acronym Creative Studio

His end goal is to direct longer features and distinguish strong characters, along with provoking thought to the viewer.  The best example of this in his recent work is a music video that he did with local artist Travis Slang entitled “Pray.” The video showcases a human rights statement that “#AllLivesMatter,” which is a nod to the tragedies going on in places like Ferguson, Missouri and New York City. “The concept of the video was to show that anything can happen to anyone. It’s supposed to provoke thought that human beings should to think before they act, and what the consequences of those actions are. To wake up and see who we can be, just by being good. There is more than good cops and bad people, or bad cops and good people. There is more to be seen that not everything is black and white, that there is a gray area.” 

Our final joke we share is the fact that Cruz loves Kanye West. When asked why, he laughs. “I admire his drive and his character. Most people don’t like him, but he believes in himself. People don’t like that. They think it’s arrogant or cocky.  I like the fact he never lets himself fail. He has that same mentality, that ‘I am going to show you how I feel,’ which is awesome.” 

Though Cruz feels that Kanye is a creative genius of sorts, he doesn’t come off as anywhere near full of himself. “It makes me upset when people have talent and they waste it.” He always feels that people can build and strive to always do better and to compete with themselves rather than others. Setting goals and importance to the things that people want is important in growing and moving forward. “My father asked me once what I wanted to do with my life. At the time I didn’t know, and then he told me something that stuck with me. ‘Whatever it is that you decide to do, be better than the best person. Be the best at what you do.’ It is always in my mind to keep competing with those goals.” 

There is no doubt that Diego Cruz is on the path to greatness in Rupture Reality. He says he doesn’t know when he will “make it,” whatever making it may be, but the journey, and that story – that’s the best part of it all. And we’ll all be ready to watch it happen. 


To view Diego Cruz’s Director Reel, click here.


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