Director Arturo Rivera Jr spills his work and how his life has lead him to be one of the most driven Detroit-based artists of it’s time. With his particular style and his spiritual presence, Rivera emulates the phrase “Follow your dream, no matter where it goes.”

Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio


“Cooperstown, let’s talk about the universe.”

Stumbling into photography on a whim, Arturo began creating what he likes to call a “still world.” A world that comes from his mind and can be manipulated. Though dormant in his earlier years of life, the interest of these worlds that can be created morphed into more began to plant a seed – and then grew from still pictures to directing and formulating a story. Initially he began directing as what they would call a “cold director,” just watching the action and directing cinematography and flow of the story where he saw fit, but he found that after doing this that he wanted to be more involved and have more creative control in creating these pieces.

“I like low angles. I try to add some Easter eggs here and there. The butterfly is one of them. One of my components is my handheld style. I like to make videos look cinematic.” He wants to move the audience and bring an emotion out in them, therefore most of his productions have very literal and contain strong images to illustrate what he sees in the situation. Rivera works on music videos and full length indie films, but his dream set up would be to work with Lana Del Rey, a prominent singer/songwriter in the music industry, most well known for her album “Born to Die” from 2012 and her addition of “Young and Beautiful” for the Baz Luhrmann book adaptation of The Great Gatsby. “The way she appears on film is gorgeous and her songs are relatable. I want to create a world with one of her songs.”

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Rivera is all about the energy of people. In his world, the subject and the director have to vibe or the shoot will not come out right. “I like to translate the emotions I have through images, and not everyone fits that profile. There’s a higher standard of who I shoot.” Rivera has worked with countless models for video, but a handful of them are what can be considered as a model who he felt was the right girl for the job. Because of this, he is very hesitant to shoot portraiture anymore. “My last relationship, I was with the love of my life. She brought out the best in me. She was my favorite subject to shoot. No other woman deserves to be in front of my lens the way she was. My photography will always be hers.”

Overall, his driving force is this: “Be the best artist I can be. To have that edge. Everything I do is emotionally based so as my emotions evolve, so does my art.” One of these particular cases is his upcoming director cut of Detroit native Fausto’s song “Gone Girl.” The pair traveled out to the outskirts of Las Vegas, because in Arturo’s words, “There was no better place. The desert was perfect to convey exactly what both Fausto and I were feeling. We have both gone through the same type of heartbreak, and I felt his pain, so this video was very important to me, as well. It had to be perfect.”

Every person has something they want people to realize, and it is always interesting to ask every person after digging into their soul and life’s work what that one thing is they want people to know about them and their craft. When asked, one simple sentiment came out – that he is unstoppable. And that is one of his main mottos in continuing on, day after day, chasing this dream. “No days off” is a mantra he lives by. Anyone who can bring that into their lives and output the type of creativity that he releases in his early years of filming will go far and exceed expectations of what can be done for an artist by his vision. 


To view his film reel from 2014, click here

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Arturo Rivera Jr 2014 Film Reel from Arturo Rivera on Vimeo.


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