With the build-up of Super Bowl XLIX hype charging forward toward Sunday, most sports fans and event enthusiasts are estimating what the outcome of the game should be, the half time show, and especially the commercials aired during the event. There is big talk about what is going to be the biggest highlight –  and students from a local college campus are looking to identify the winning information.

Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business Students saw this as an opportunity to tackle viewer data in conjunction with social media. Geoff Larcom, Executive Director of Media Relations at EMU issued a press release of this information, stating that the Marketing student group “Team ADA (Advertising Data Analytics)” will be reviewing tweets utilizing the hashtag “#TweetBowl” to catalog and define the reception of the Super Bowl commercials aired during the Football game with the New England Patriots, who are taking on the Seattle Seahawks at 6:30 p.m. Sunday, February 1.

Super Bowl Commercials have historically been one of the biggest highlights in the game, from the consumers looking to see the next big model in the car industry, to the funniest flick or the one that pulls the heart strings. This year, the stakes are riding high, not just for consumerism, but for hard hitting messages, hits, and misses.

In the past, viewers wouldn’t have YouTube to get a peek at the commercials until game time, but in recent years, these companies have been trying to build hype by releasing them early. This was a good thing at first – but now, it’s become a bigger opportunity for scrutiny, and this year is no exception. This year’s biggest flub so far was GoDaddy.com’s attempt at poking fun at a major commercial competitor, Budweiser. The past few years, Bud has been known to create heartstring pulling commercials that will make people say “Aww” and talk about it for days.  GoDaddy.com decided to try and capitalize on this by making a parody commercial, instead of going with their normal sexually charged and cleavage filled template – which was also pointed out after scrutiny of the ad was released on the subject of animal cruelty.

View the two commericals below:

This is the talk of the town in terms of one of the biggest fails in the history of Super Bowl commercials, but The Washington Post hopes for something more, telling it’s readers that the “No More” Campaign’s 2015 commercial on Domestic Violence needs to be the one to leave a hard hitting mark. Given that Ray Rice’s Domestic Abuse Scandal shed light on players of the National Football League and their anger issues, the NFL countered it with a Public Service Announcement on paying closer attention to those who can’t speak up in domestic violence. This is a bold move on the NFL’s part, but believe that it will be one that will be noticed. (See Below Clip):

Sadly, within the realm of commercials and consumerism, funny wins out the serious almost every time, but time will tell come Sunday who’s the real winner. EMU’s team of Tweet analysts will be compiling and releasing the evidence on their Facebook page, located at Facebook.com/emutb2015. Now if we could just make sure everyone plays a decent game of Football and doesn’t deflate anything, we’ll be good. #GOTEAM

Courtesy of Tom Brady's Facebook Page, Quarterback of the New England Patriots

Courtesy of Tom Brady’s Facebook Page, Quarterback of the New England Patriots


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