The David Stott Building flood continues cleanup efforts

Posted: March 17, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Overhead shot of the David Stott Building. Photo: Julian Bibb Photography

By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

A week short of a month has passed and clean-up crews are still hammering away at rectifying the flood at the David Stott Building, home to Skybar Detroit and Capitol Park Grille. Channel 4’s Jason Colthorp reported on that the business owners and onlookers are afraid this is the beginning of the end for the building.

According to Colthorp, the building is owned by a Chinese investment firm from Shanghai called DDI, and the former owner of the building, Lynn Kassotis Uralli, who still owns Skybar believes that the owners do not want the bar to continue to reside there.

Crews began battling falling ceilings and icicles adorning areas where the flood happened, and the cleanup company quoted 1.7 Million gallons of water to Local 4. Bryce Verdu, a worker on site snapped a few photos of some of the damage around March 2, and told friends that the whole basement was flooded.

One of the floors contains a library of old law books, damaged from the flood. “They are still working on it. They will be for the next month at least. I have not been working in that location,” he mentioned on Sunday, March 15. “I might be back there next weekend.”

There were generators powering the building during the first two weeks after the flood, and they were trying to pump in some heat to dry the floors. Many of the floors have been damaged but word of mouth is the 6th floor seems to have the worst damage.

According to’s Sara Jerome, “Locals questioned why it took so long for the problem to be identified.” The building, which is identified as an Art Deco structure is part of the Detroit Skyline that can be picked out while coming down Woodward, and locals hope that the building will not become a dim part of the cityscape, like others including the abandoned portion of Book Tower.


A bold quote pulled from Michigan Radio by Deadline Detroit Reporter Jeff Wattrick says it all in terms of the local feeling for those not part of the artistic scene. “There’s still a crumbling infrastructure underneath these streets and police cars patrolling this area that are not maybe in the best of shape. So, yeah, I mean, in some ways this is kind of a revival built on sand right here.”

DDI group had promised to invest millions into the building, according to Curbed Detroit, but they seem to have neglected the building built in 1929. Capitol Park Grille was contacted in hopes of finding out when they anticipated re-opening, but no contact has been made as of March 15.Crews are still working vigorously to contain and maintain the situation, and hopefully given the state of how many buildings are already lost to the clutches of the Detroit shadow taking things the city loves dearly, one can only hope the situation is rectified soon and the businesses will be up and running again.


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