The First Female President at EMU Steps Down, School Hopes for Replacement by Fall

Posted: March 31, 2015 in Uncategorized
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By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

Susan Martin, the President of Eastern Michigan University announces she will be stepping down from her position on March 31, saying “I will be moving on.” According to the Detroit Free Press, Martin had begun to think about what she wanted to do with the rest of her career, and her thoughts lead her to pursuing other avenues.

Though in the past, there have been some troublesome times, including being accused of being an alcoholic and her entering counseling regardless of not having a problem, and butting heads with some of her staff who were less than agreeable, she still managed to power through her presidency and come out on top, being one of the most popular and approachable out of all of EMU’s presidents thus far.

According to, Mike Morris, Chairman of EMU Board of Regents says that finding Martin’s replacement is the top priority of the team as of right now. They knew the announcement was going to happen, and have already begun forming a task force to tackle the task, which isn’t going to be an easy feat.

The stats The Detroit Free Press pulled together based on Martin’s achievements from the school reflect how valuable she has been to the University since the bad press the school had been receiving with it’s previous presidents. Achievements include strong enrollment, increased academic profiles of new student admittance, and having the lowest dollar tuition increase in the State of Michigan in the last six years.

Desmond Miller, Student Body President at EMU gave his thoughts to the change at the school to The Detroit Free Press and echoed what the students will be thinking, “This university is a far better place because of her leadership…”

Martin will officially step down in July 2015 and take a sabbatical, which will extend her with pay until July 2016.


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