Country Club Disco Season Opener Brings the Heat on a Wednesday Night

Posted: April 23, 2015 in Uncategorized
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Golf Clap’s main men Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones operate a self proclaimed “Detroit-based gentlemen’s society” on their Record Label Country Club Disco, which is heavily involved in the local house scene, and engage many acts to come to Detroit. With Movement 2015, an annual electronic music festival occurring in just a month in Hart Plaza, Country Club Disco kicked off the synth season at The Grasshopper Underground in Ferndale Wednesday, April 22.

With artists from across Detroit to across the globe, The Grasshopper Underground plays host to acts from locals to world renown artists of the house and other electronic persuasions. Performers considered to be Detroit Royalty like Kevin Saunderson and world known artist John Acquaviva have played the venue this past year, so locals like the men on the Country Club Disco label are paving the way of House music comeback in the city.

Last night’s event showcased Golf Clap, Doug English, Ross Regs, and Jay Biggs, which created a night to remember. Typically, these artists will pass through and sometimes do gigs together, but playing each a separate set. This time was off format in terms that they began swapping in a few songs a piece and did a round rotation.

The merchandise team was on hand last night, peddling out Limited Edition Snapbacks for $15, which will be available as supplies last for the upcoming show on Friday the 25th of April at The Garden Theater located in Midtown of Detroit.

These artist can be seen regularly at The Grasshopper Underground when they aren’t touring. To follow the artists on their Detroit Events, link up with Country Club Disco on Facebook. 

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