Charivari: Belle Isle’s Beat Bump {Day 1}

Posted: August 1, 2015 in Uncategorized
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By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

By: Acronym Creative Studio

By: Acronym Creative Studio

For people who love Movement but hate the PLUR, who love the good vibes and hate the crowds, and who love House and Techno, rather than Dubstep and Trap – this festival is just for you. 

On a gorgeous day in Belle Isle, you can’t get any better than Charivari. The stages are exuding prime music, when you want to take a break, you can chill on a blanket, and the free form, chill atmosphere is just what locals of Detroit love. 

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Not only can you relax an take in music, there are local vendors, artists, and spaces for playing frisbee or dancing, because duh, it’s Belle Isle. 

Speaking with Patricia Lay-Dorsey, otherwise known to Detroit as Grandma Techno, she said that the crowd has steadily increased since it’s opened this morning. “It’s exactly what we need.”

The other great part about Charivari Detroit? There are all ages, all types, all races. You can’t map anyone into a particular category. From the local scene, there are many identifiable faces, but there are also many new faces. 


As of right now, there’s still a few more acts that are due to play, including Detroit House local favorite Golf Clap, but I’m calling it now – this is a success. 

Tomorrow’s lineup is extensive and a must see, including local sister-act Ghita Sisters (1-2 PM, Band Shell) and a power block from Detroit Techno Militia (3-4:30 PM, Band Shell). And let’s not forget the royalty children, Sanderson Brothers (9-10 PM, Red Stage). 

And for the techno snobs out there, we’ve got digital and vinyl spinners. Visit tomorrow starting at 12 PM.

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio

Photo: Acronym Creative Studio


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