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By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

UPDATE 11/24/2015: As of 1PM Today, Eastown Theatre’s stage was torn down, and laid to rest. Check out the photos and videos here just posted a statement proclaiming that Eastown Theatre will be demolished in the next few days, and that scrappers had destroyed the rest of the building.  What used to be a  2,500-seat theatre that housed multiple acts is now a ghost town, and a backdrop for urban explorers, hoping to relive some of the charm of the building now in it’s last days. 

We have learned the Eastown Theatre in #Detroit will be torn down in the next few days. The building has been destroyed…

Posted by on Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The building opened in 1931 to a film of Clark Gable’s called Sporting Blood, according to Historic Detroit‘s website, and closed it’s doors in the 90’s after changing hands from Rock, to Jazz, to a church group. 

Historic Detroit explains the late history of the building in great detail, prior to the scrappers attacking the final bones: 

“In recent years, a fire gutted the apartments in the complex. Decorative plaster lies in heaps everywhere, though there are still spots where the building’s original luster shines. The paint has worn from the proscenium arch in places. Likewise, busts of women on the walls, once beautiful coppers and gold, are now plain white, if still intact at all. The walls in the auditorium have been washed away from a faulty roof. The electric blue paint that had been slapped on the balcony is still there, even though big chunks of the balcony are not, having succumbed to water damage. The chandeliers and railings are gone, too, as are the moldy seats.” – Historic Detroit

Aug. 9, 2010, a fire lead to the main demise of the building, and left what is mostly seen in photographs till this day. So we bid adieu to the building that rocked hard, rolled soft, and housed many wonderful memories. 

UPDATE 4PM, 11/20/2015: 

Steve Neavling of Motor City Muckraker used the social network broadcast program Periscope to show the beginnings of the demolition of the building’s neighboring apartments, and believes that the theater portion itself will be demolished tomorrow. 

The theatre has said to have had acts like Joe Walsh, REO Speedwagon, The Doors, and more perform in it’s historical theatre, according to the Eastown Theatre Show List on

GALLERY: Eastown Theatre, August 2015