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Image Courtesy of Facebook

Image Courtesy of Facebook

By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

Mixed Bag Art and Music Showcase Russell Industrial Center, 2015. Photo: ACRONYM

Mixed Bag Art and Music Showcase Russell Industrial Center, 2015. Photo: ACRONYM

If you are in the Detroit Art Scene, you know that it can be competitive, staunch, dramatic, but equally rewarding. It also always depends on who you are around and whether they are a class act, or a raving egotistical lunatic. The reason for pointing out this startling fact, is that the folks who starred in/created the Mixed Bag Art and Music Showcase this weekend are the good guys. 

Erron Reed, Victor Koos, Holly Hock, Ren Fracture, and the collection of Apathetic Zebra (Mickey Saldana, Kelly Karnesky, Risto Thomas, and Mitch Grygorcewicz) had a vast range of creativity, along with many thought provoking pieces. 

Thought provoking images of women spliced with startling statistics brings to mind the things we tend to miss when just seeing a photograph of a pretty girl. Photo: ACRONYM

Thought provoking images of women spliced with startling statistics brings to mind the things we tend to miss when just seeing a photograph of a pretty girl. Photo: ACRONYM

Mickey Saldana asked me during the evening “Which piece is your favorite?” and I honestly couldn’t pick just one. Looking at the creativity on the walls, in every medium, every visual, and being able to chat with some of the artists, it made me realize even more how much the curated scene in Detroit has to offer. 

Most of the artists that were in that room never get to come face to face with some of their idols of the internet, so speaking with people like Victor Koos, who I come in contact with via social media and see his shots of models in our collective space make it all the more worthwhile when viewing each other’s work. 

With the music of Feral Ground pulsating through the room, and PBR sponsorship, it was what one photographer, Jon DeBoer says “It’s like an Instagram meet but we’re not taking photos.” And truly, it was probably way better than an Instagram meet, and way more enriching. 


After experiencing this mingling session, here’s to hoping that Erron Reed and the rest of the posse will continue to have shows like this in the future. 

A collection of curated works from the multi-talented artists at the Mixed Bag.  Photo: ACRONYM

A collection of curated works from the multi-talented artists at the Mixed Bag.  Photo: ACRONYM

Artist / Musician Bios and Contact Info

Feral Ground
Fresh off of hosting their own three day music festival, FG brings their unique and thought provoking sound to the show. From their website…

“Feral Ground is an idea. The name itself embodies the concept that this world we live in is not as tame and placid as some would like you to believe it is. Our self appointed task is to show you that you haven’t heard everything yet, hip hop is not dying, and that people can be influenced by music in a positive way.  Feral Ground is more than just the sum of all its parts. Feral Ground is a new way of thinking. It is a way of thinking that is inclusive instead of exclusive, about family over the individual, about solutions beyond the problems, and most importantly, its about inspiring people to take control over their lives.”

Apathetic Zebra
We have Mickey Saldana, Kelly Karnesky and Risto Thomas along with Mitch Grygorcewicz. Apathetic zebra is a art collective including acting, video, photography and writing. And Mitch is a graffiti artist new and upcoming in Detroit.

Erron Reed
Erron has been a photographer based in Detroit for over 10 years and has been featured in many art shows nationally as well as locally. He will be bringing Portrait, abstract and landscape art to the show in a rare public showing.

Holly Hock
Holly is a self taught artist originally from the West Coast, now residing in Michigan. She is inspired largely by bygone eras and the macabre. She uses a variety of antique, vintage, salvaged and new elements to create unique assemblage and mixed media pieces.

Ren Fracture
Ren Fracture is a freelance artist from downriver Michigan, best known for illustrating hands and biographical comic strips. Ren uses comic strips to cope with ongoing depression, anxiety, and gender identity struggles. Ren Fracture became involved in the Detroit art scene in 2010 and has since exhibited in over 35 group shows.

Victor Koos
Victor’s photographic style can be broken down into two parts. Environment and Image Making. Working in Detroit Michigan, he is surrounded by one of the more unique landscapes on Earth. Whether he likes what he sees or not, makes no difference. He will shoot what is around him. Studying under Graphic Designer Brian Schorn, he was drawn to the term “visual resonance”, the idea of showcasing sound visually.

The information in this section was collected from the Event page on Facebook for the Mixed Bag Showcase. You can view that information here


By: Ayana T. Miller, Guest Writer

Saratonin “flowing” at Charivari.  © 2015 Ayana T. Miller

Saratonin “flowing” at Charivari.  © 2015 Ayana T. Miller

“Serotonin”, is a chemical found in the brain that is responsible for maintaining mood balance and is necessary to combat depression and anxiety.  It keeps us happy.  “Saratonin” does the same with her colorful and creative abstract art.  You see, looking at visual art that is aesthetically pleasing has the same effect on our mental well-being!  Sara Elizabeth Carnacchi, or “Saratonin” as she’s known in the art community, seeks to do just that.  

Sara was born and raised in the city of Detroit, and her middle name, Elizabeth, is for the street she grew up on.  Various circumstances led to her living in various states, but Sarah eventually found her way home back to the D.  Painting and Trance are her passions, and that combination of those passions led her to the Charivari Festival held on Belle Isle in August of this year.  Excited about being an artist participant in Charivari, Sara was both scared and nervous to be showcased.  However, her excitement and positive spirit won in the end.  “I love Detroit and inspire everyone to be the change they want to see in Detroit.”  Sarah was commissioned to live paint while Marissa Guzman and the Saunderson Brothers performed during the festival.

“Any piece of art I make is one of a kind.  There will never be the same piece twice.” © 2015 Ayana T. Miller

You can feel that positive spirit when you meet Sara and see her infectious smile.  She’s come a long way from tagging burned out buildings during her early youth in the city.  “I have always been an abstract thinker, and was never one to sit down with a pencil and paper.  (I’d) rather pick up a paint brush and can of paint and just flow; flow through my essence.”  


And flow she does.  While working as an assistant at CPOP Gallery (later Contra Products, LLC) in Hamtramck, Sara had a creative falling out with the owner.  She then found herself at Russell Industrial Center as a member of the Detroit Art Collective.  Unfortunately, her time with that group was brief, but Sara still kept in touch with RIC’s Cyle Voss.  It was Voss who invited her to participate in Charivari where Sara painted, and sold her one of a kind artwork on canvas.

You’re already less depressed by this girl’s antics and carefree spirit!  © 2015 Ayana T. Miller

You’re already less depressed by this girl’s antics and carefree spirit!  © 2015 Ayana T. Miller

As you can see, Sara’s work is bright and cheery.  Right now, the gypsy girl is no longer involved with any artists’ group, and is totally freelance.  If you would like to work with Sara in commissioning artwork, or to purchase any of her handmade jewelry or any current paintings shown above, please contact her on Facebook.


By: Amy Cooper, Detroit Ginger

Golf Clap’s main men Hugh Cleal and Bryan Jones are bringing a collection of exquisite artists to Detroit’s Garden Theater in Midtown on Saturday, April 4. As operators of the self proclaimed “Detroit-based gentlemen’s society,” Country Club Disco is heavily involved in the local house scene, and engage many acts to come to Detroit. 

This particular event will host Shiba San, Mark Farina, option4, Golf Clap, Doug English, Ross Regs, and Jay Biggs in the brand new venue located on Woodward. The event is 18 and up, and has a ton of local praise from both the artists involved and the house heads residing in the Metro Detroit area. 

Can't WAIT to come back to Detroit Saturday !! Playing w my good friends Shiba San Mark Farina Golf Clap .. gonna be a party y'all <3Tix:

Posted by option4 on Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Golf Clap harbors a great local following, and they treat their fans like family. So much so, that they’ve gone the extra mile to fill 500 Easter Eggs with prizes like cash, tickets, candy, and coupons for the merch booth for the first patrons in the door. 

Filling up hundreds of Easter eggs with candy and random heady presents for Saturday.

Posted by Bryan Jones on Monday, March 30, 2015

Other artists on the ticket like Doug English and Ross Regs are so psyched for the show, they are pumping up the attendees in the event feed. “Tomorrow is about to be unreal. Ross Regs and myself couldn’t contain our excitement, so we made a track and uploaded it to SoundCloud for free download. Stay suave, homies.”

There are general admission tickets for $25 and VIP tickets available for $60 and the festivities run from 9PM to 4AM. The parking structure on Alexandrine located directly behind Great Lakes Coffee Roasting Company will be open all night, as well as street parking. 



SHIBA SAN – (Dirtybird, Simma Black) – France

MARK FARINA – (Great Lakes Audio, Apt) – SF

option4 – Night Supply, The Hundred – Denver

GOLF CLAP – Country Club Disco – Detroit

with support from

DOUG ENGLISH & ROSS REGS – Country Club Disco, Sleazy G – The Hood

JAY BIGGS – Country Club Disco – Detroit